“Just One of the Guys” – Jenny Lewis

Click here for the best music video in the universe and throughout all of time!!!!!!!!!

So we all knew Jenny Lewis was awesome as all heck, but I think this music video puts her on a higher plane from all of us. Just kidding, but really! It’s so great. Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, and herself all in drag. Too fucking funny. And the song is bitching to boot! Check it out!



RANT on: happy summer

Hello! (Hello hello helloooo….) that was the echo made by my words reverberating in the empty ess of no one reading. It’s actually quite comforting. I haven’t posted in ages because I’ve gotten lazy, but now I must write because 1. It is summer and 2. Rookiemag gave me a sign. Tavi Gevinson’s editor’s letter this month talks about action. Do things, create, just act. I need to write. If that just means I get a little exercise for my phalanges.

I’m so so happy it’s summer. Summer is my favorite because it means I actually have free time to write music and watch movies movies movies. If I watch anything super great I’ll post it! Right now I’m just catching up on Orange is the New Black in all it’s awesomeness! All those fantastic actresses!!!! As for music I will be posting some videos on my YouTube channel when I get home from vacation. I want make a series The Best of My Nest made up of songs I’ve written and learned in my room before I have to go into the college world of being crammed in a dorm room. Look out for it.

Summer also means sunshine, being outside, and of course a new Pinterest board called Blue Crush to inspire and make things official. I’m so lucky that I get to go on vacation a bunch. AND I got a scholarship to a music camp this summer so that is me bragging!




Can you see those pics? I hope you can! Enjoy the pictures of my day at the beach and my night out with my twin sister! We went to see THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!!!! with my mom and a bunch of great friends. Now we are no longer virgins! 😉 I have to say I really have a lot of respect for the show. Such a brilliant cast, great music, and it’s just a sexually fantastical musical. There is nothing else like it. I already want to see it again. If you haven’t seen it you’re in for great music, transsexual tension, gayness, straightness (but mostly gayness), little costumes, and fun for the whole family. Actually I’d watch it with less conservative people and leave mom to watch her Chopped unless you have a great, open mom like me 🙂 anyways…

Follow me on Pinterest because that’s the website I’m most dedicated to, but here’s to hoping I’ll actually blog this summer, right? (For no one to read!)




I always will love Rookiemag.com because somehow the writers just know my life. Got on today, two weeks before my high school graduation, and there was this article on…. GRADUATING. This is not the first time this has happened either. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that writers had people watching me to see exactly what advice I needed for the oncoming conflicts or big moments of my life. I also would not be angry if this were the case. The advice from Rookie articles is always appreciated and quite often put to good use.

rookie awesome

This recent article on graduating arrived just in time to sync up with thoughts about  my past high school years and what will come in the future. I needed someone to tell me to appreciate the high school years of curfews and rules and struggles because it is a time like no other. The Kingdom of Teendom is something like a vortex, sucking you in and spitting you out. It’s fantastic and horrible and you don’t quite know what exactly is going on. Despite some minor setbacks trying to annoy me as I go forth into the future, I’m trying to think of the good stuff, take all the advice, and say my goodbye’s.

As hard as I’m trying, though, I’m real close to slapping someone. “Grrrrr Arrrrggg” as Joss Whedon would say. I’ve been so angry and mad lately. Fun right? But really, anger isn’t ever any good. So, I’m going to put on my flowy graduation robe in two weeks and keep my twitchy palm at my side until the time comes to shake hands and get my diploma. Let’s see if I can make amends. I’m split between wanting to demand respect and consideration like Veronica Mars or try to be forgiving. I relate everything to strong female characters, btw, if you haven’t noticed. I don’t want to overreact. I do, however, want to let it be known that it is not alright to walk all over me.

Tell me, all-knowing female heroines, tell me what to do! All hail!

I imagine they reply something like this article, “put on your robes and don’t fall on your ass.”

– LG

p.s. It has been a while. I have been living and letting people annoy me and also putting on a production of Grease. It’s always something.

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HERoine: Veronica Mars


veronica m

This is may latest obsession: Veronica Mars. I have talked about it to anyone who will listen. Now, with all my friends’ ears talked off, I turn to the internet. Veronica Mars is so freaking cool!

Veronica starts out out of luck. Her mom has left, her best friend murdered, her dad lost his job and reputation, and her boyfriend dumped her. How does one combat this misfortune? She solves crime and searches for justice while giving the cold shoulder to all those who doubt her in any way. She is such an uber nosy bitch in the most beautiful and perfect way. She will not take anyone’s shit. She does whatever it takes to find the truth. Finally, a realistic hero who is less quick to forgive and more prone to getting even!

The tv show blatantly addresses rape. Part of the big finish of the first season is Veronica trying to find out who drugged and raped her at a party. The fact that you find this out about her and it does not define her character is groundbreaking. She is so brave and bold.


Then there is her relationship with her father that could not get any better. They are so similar, both addicted to catching the bad guys and witty banter with each other. They have the best chemistry on screen. They are great friends that look out for each other.

veronica mars

Can’t forget the boys. Veronica does spend some time single. I am thankful the plot does not completely rotate around her need to find a bo. I am not thankful, however, for the torturous, constantly heartbreaking relationships she has. Not heartbreaking in the way that they end bad– I don’t know because I haven’t finished the series yet. The relationships are heartbreaking because they are so beautiful that you want to be part of them. SPOILER ALERT. I love Logan Echolls (pictured above) and I always will. Until I hate him. Then I forgive him. But still always loving him. Enjoy the snarky Logan Echoll’s voicemail:


Other great things about the series:

The theme song is FANTASTIC and not mind-numbingly long. It is “We Used to be Friends” by the Dandy Warhols. Sometimes, if I have enough self-control to not skip ahead to the plot, I even sing along! There is a ton of great music on the show. A few on the soundtrack include Spoon, Ivy, and Tegan and Sara! In the episode “Donut Run,” there is a breakup allowing for some bitchin’ breakup mopey soundtrack. I’ll try not to spoil any more than that!

There are so many cool people guest star on this show including: Jessica Chastain (The Help), Paris Hilton, Micheal Cera, Krysten Ritter (The B in Apartment 23), Alyson Hannigan (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Adam Scott, Leighton Meester, Max Greenfield (New Girl), Ari Greynor (For a Good Time Call),  Jane Lynch, Amanda Seyfried (Mama Mia), Ken Marino, and most importantly JOSS WHEDON!!!!!


I am so obsessed. I’m going around telling everyone I have found my favorite tv show (like I needed a new one.) I just finished season 1 and I’ve made a sizeable dent in reruns of the other seasons. I can’t stop and I won’t stop. I already want to rewatch episodes that I watched yesterday. My name is Laura Grace Sears and I’m an addict. I think I’m going to go change all my technology backgrounds to Veronica Mars ans listen to the season soundtrack. L8r.

Will rant more about Veronica later! Promise!



Right on teen activism!!

These middles schoolers did a school-wide protest because leggings are against dress code due to “middle school boys’ reactions,” at least that’s what teachers claim. All the girls wore leggings to school on the same day in protest. Administrators are saying that it had no impact, but students are being interviewed and news is spreading! Right on! I want to do this at my school. The dress code is so unfair mainly because it impacts girls much more than guys. You never see guys in the front office for violations because they never have to change clothes. At most they have to pull up their pants or take off their hat. What’s the major malfunction of the dress code that it only effects half the student body?